Before You Buy: The 4 Part Guide to Preparing for a Pomsky Puppy

You plan (or don’t) to have a child. You read baby books, attend classes, paint the baby room a magical color, buy cribs, toys and anything a baby could possibly need or want. The preparation for that lifelong commitment makes a lot of sense. But often, the same caution isn’t exercised with pets.

Especially one as cute as a Pomsky.

Brown and White Blue Eyed Pomsky Puppy in snow

Photo Courtesy of Playful Pomskies

It’s easy to see this little puppy and want to own one right NOW.

Who wouldn’t?

Even Cruella de Vil would.

Imagine for a second:

It’s Christmas Day and you surprise your family with a incredibly cute Pomsky puppy.  You spend your day letting the fluffy, adorable, ball of fur is lick your face and snuggle up on your lap for frequent naps.

That sounds pretty amazing, right?

Sure, you’ll be the best parent ever, but a lack of preparation and vision regarding the new family member can lead to problems you never anticipated.  It can set back house training efforts for weeks, or even lead families to give up on their puppy because they were set up to fail from the beginning.A heart with dog prints through it.

But that’s not you, because you’ve figured out a Pomsky is the right dog for you!

I know that managing a new puppy can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first Pomsky.

In this guide I will navigate you from the dream of owning the world’s cutest dog into a reality through preparation and awareness.

Pre-puppy preparation is the most important thing in ensuring a stress free transition for both you and your Pomsky.  And being adequately prepared is the foundation for this life-changing commitment.

Do you live in an apartment or condo building?

If you rent your apartment, don’t forget to ask your landlord if dogs are allowed in your building. The number 1 source of dogs being given up for adoption is the family moving to a building that does not allow pets. Many responsible breeders will require a letter from your landlord or condo association.


Puppy Proofing Your Home

Pomeranian husky puppy house tips and tricks

Supplies and equipment

Finding the perfect Pomsky to add to your home is an exciting time. This section will provide a comprehensive list and details of all the items you will need to purchase to be ready for your Pomsky from day 1!


One of the first purchases you will have to make is which dog collar to get: should we get a harness or flat collar?

It’s safe to assume most people are more familiar with, and usually start off with a flat collar.

Not too long ago most everyone used flat collars but harnesses are becoming more popular for good reason.

Most people are familiar with a traditional collar that wraps around a dog’s neck like a necklace. They are widely available, inexpensive and easy to use. They come in materials that range from leather to nylon.

I typically start with a collar unless my puppy has neck issues, a small head or pulls on a leash and, if need be, I will switch to a harness.

A harness has its benefits and I’ve used them in the past with great success on dogs who liked to pull.

Based on the feedback from previous owners, we will need to start with a small puppy-sized collar (9”-13”) and once your Pomsky has outgrown it, graduate to a larger one. Amazon Reviews are a great place to search for information and hear feedback about the fitting on particular sizes of dogs.

Weaver Leather Dog Collar Amazon Review

In this case, the dog is 8.7 pounds and the medium collar was too small for her.


A leash is an essential tool to use during the early days of Pomsky puppy-hood to keep them safe and aid you in training. Speaking from experience it’s a invaluable tool for control and management of your dog throughout the rest of their lives.

I live in a big city where it’s uncommon to have a yard, so we take frequent walks.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a fenced in yard, you’ll still need to have a leash for walks and public outings:

  • When you visit the veterinarian, it’s imperative your Pomsky can walk on a leash and know you’re in control. Remember the dog from The Sandlot: the Beast? I wouldn’t want my Pomsky running into him at the Veterinarian’s office.
  • Dogs that know how to walk well on a leash make it possible and easier for someone else to care for your dog while you’re on vacation or at work. The thought of my parents or in-laws trying to walk my dogs who have never been trained how to walk (yes, it’s a skill!) can lead to friends and family “magically” not wanting to watch your dog again. Not cool when you’re trying to fly to Mexico in January.
  • If you’ve ever wanted more than one dog, walking 2 on leashes that aren’t properly trained can be dangerous.
  • Plus, working on basic obedience is a great way to bond with your pooch!

I recommend a 6 foot nylon leash and prefer ½” or ¾” for Pomskies, (3/4” for adults and ½” for puppies) as I’ve found the inch wide one to be too bulky for Pomsky puppies. A 1” wide leash uses a larger and heavier clip than is necessary and a 6’ lead makes for a perfect length for loose leash walking and recall training.  I don’t recommend retractable leashes and I believe they are the most unsafe of the leash choices. Retractable leashes reinforce that the Pomsky can keep pulling on the leash and get what they want (i.e. more distance to sniff or to chase a squirrel) and also provide less control for you.

A long-line is a great training tool that has similar qualities to retractable leashes, but is a safer option. A long-line allows more freedom and space in a controlled environment, which leads to a less distracted pup and much safer experience.


If “Sticking a dog in a crate sounds mean, how would you like that?” just went through your head, that’s completely normal and something I went through as well. And, to answer your question, I wouldn’t like being stuck in a crate.

But, I do like my bedroom, it’s a place that feels safe and relaxing, and that’s what a crate becomes to your Pomsky. My dogs will even lay in their crate while I’m home during the day! Dogs have a natural instinct to be in a den and a crate is the perfect spot.

Plush Husky laying in crate popomsky Instagram blanket, crate, toys

Does Poha the Pomsky look uncomfortable?

A crate is one of the best tools in our arsenal to keep your young Pomsky from chewing on your kitchen table while you’re at work or grocery shopping. A crate is also key for keeping your Pomsky safe, because there are lots of dangers lurking for a puppy… more on that later.

The size of your crate can depend quite a bit on the size of your Pomsky. Some F2 Pomskies can be as small as 8 pounds full grown while a F1 can be up to 40 pounds. So how do we choose which crate we should have? The most common F1 Pomskies (Husky mother, Pomeranian father) will be between 20-30 pounds.

We asked breeder Mandy Miller at Lovable Pomsky how they estimate the Pomsky size and she said,

A common estimate used is to add the weight of the mom and dad dogs and divide by 2.We also triple their weight at 8 weeks old to get a good estimate and so far that had been very accurate.

Typical crate requirements would indicate a Pomsky would require between 24Lx 18W x 19H crate and 30L x 21W x 24H crate. Lovable Pomsky recommends the 30L x 21W x 24H crate for their Pomskies.

There are a few different options for crate material: plastic, metal, mesh. In my experience, my dogs preferred a plastic crate. They didn’t seem as comfortable in the more exposed wire crates and took to the plastic much easier. The durability of the mesh was never something that worked for my active young dogs. Some plastic crates are even approved for airline travel if your Pomsky is going to be jet setting with his buddies.

There are many price points available for plastic crates, but I’ve found the cheaper ones to not be as durable. And, I have seen a dog with separation anxiety chew through its crate, creating a very unsafe situation.

Chewed Plastic Petmate Crate from Seperation Anxiety

Metal crates are nice, at about half the price of similar sized plastic crate, and if space is a concern they fold up much smaller.

Never crate a dog with a collar on. There are horror stories of the collar getting caught on the crate which can cause harm or even death.

Puppy Play Pen

KayathePomsky instagram puppy play pen

Kaya trying to escape her play pen!

Puppy play pens are a great way to bond with your Pomsky and work on housebreaking too. They are available in plastic or metal and are great to bring outside on nice days too! If you want more space you can buy additional panels as well. I loved sitting in the pen with my puppies and playing without the distractions of the entire house, the key is to set them up for success and a puppy pen does just that!


Both Pomeranian’s and Huskies are double-coated dogs. This keeps them warm in the winter and insulates them from the heat in the summer. Because of the double coat, extra care has to be used when bathing and brushing your beautiful Pomsky.  Professional grooming can be $30-$90 per visit with the average cost being around $53!

With the cost of grooming in mind, to properly care for their coat you will need:

  • a mild shampoo ($9.49)
  • slicker brush ($8.86)
  • fine tooth comb (10.43)
  • nail grinder($24.49)

Still feeling good about your choice to bring a Pomsky into your family?

Good, me too!


To ensure the safety of your Pomsky, it paramount that they have an ID tag on their collar. I keep my dog’s tag very simple, but I do a few things differently than most.

Are you ready for it?

I don’t put my dog’s name on the tag.

WEIRD huh?

This might sound counter-intuitive, but I don’t want someone to be more inclined to keep the cutest dog in the world because they know their name.

What do I include?

I include my cell phone and either a personalized message like “My family misses me” or “Reward $$$”. Both of these statements take a different angle to the same (hopeful) response.

“I bet he’s a missed puppy and I get a reward? YES!”


Pomsky book by David Anderson beautiful Husky pomeranian blue eyes cover of bookThe Pomsky is such a new breed, there isn’t a lot of good information out there. One good book I have found is “Pomskies: A Guide for New Dog Owner” and it was well worth it’s price. It has Pomsky specific information as well as general dog information. It’s available for $19.99 in book format or $9.99 Kindle. You can even preview the book before you buy on Amazon.


Treats are going to be instrumental in helping our Pomsky move in the right direction.  Treats can be useful in many scenarios, whether it be going up stairs, walking around the block, learning to sit, or learning to go potty outside. I like to keep treats in little zip-lock bags in my pocket as you never know when a training opportunity might strike!

If your puppy isn’t very interested in a dry treat, try a better treat like Bil Jac premium treats. These moist treats have a stronger scent and every dog I’ve ever met goes crazy for them.

Feeding Bowls

Feeding and drinking bowls are necessary for obvious reasons. You can choose between plastic, ceramic, stainless steel and stoneware bowls.

I prefer stainless steel bowls because:

  • Non-toxic (Many plastics are toxic. If you choose plastic make sure they are BPA free)
  • Sturdier (not a good chew toy)
  • More antibacterial than porous ceramic
  • Easily cleaned by the dishwasher (won’t warp like plastic)
  • They can last forever
  • Non slip grip bottoms


Black and White Pomsky Chewing Nylabone on Wood Floor

A beautiful Pomsky puppy enjoys her Nylabone. Photo courtesy of Curve Hill Pomskies

One of the best parts about being a new Pomsky parent is getting to spoil them!

There are thousands of dog toys today, seemingly more each time I walk into the pet store. I’ve bought hundreds over the years and have learned what seem to work the best and which ones never get used after the first day. Here is my short list of the top 4 toys my dogs have enjoyed:

  1. The Kong. If you’ve been hiding under a rock or have never owned a dog, you may not know what a Kong is.  The Kong has a hollowed out rubber cavity that you can stuff anything from peanut butter to cheese in. It can keep your Pomsky busy for hours! Once you get a bit more adventurous you can even freeze treats into the Kong!
  2. Squeaker Balls. Even without a human throwing to them, my Pomskies like squeaking their balls and using them to play with other dogs. They will even play soccer with their Squeaker Balls!
  3. OurPets IQ Treat Ball. My dog’s favorite interactive game can be found on Amazon for a mere $9.99. It’s quite durable, as well, as he has chewed it up, but it still functions perfectly. You load the ball with treats, select the size of the opening (the smaller will take longer to get out), and then gently roll the ball to get the treats coming. It’s great watching your puppy make the connection and have that “aha” moment.
  4. Nylabones are a great chew toy that have been around since 1955. Chewing helps clean the teeth and is especially helpful while your Pomsky is teething. The Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit has 3 bones of varying hardness to help move along with them as they get their adult teeth and start chewing harder. Your Pomsky having a Chewing option is very important to ensure they aren’t chewing our shoes, furniture, or anything else they’re not supposed to.

Don’t worry, if you weren’t adding up all the items, I did. The total for all the items I recommended is just over $200 with shipping (assuming you have Amazon Prime). Side note- Amazon Prime is easily one of the best values for me at $99/year.

House Cleaning Items

Cleaning Supplies in a tubIf this is your first puppy, it may be a surprise that many household cleaning products are NOT safe for dogs. Some of the ingredients (listed below) that are harmful to humans are even more harmful to our pets.

If you just cleaned your floor with some dangerous chemicals, imagine your new 5 pound puppy walking all over it and then licking his paws; Not good.

What NOT to use

Some known toxic substances include:

  • Chlorine – Used in disinfectants and toilet bowl cleaners.
  • Glycol Ethers – Found in carpet cleaners, paints, degreasing agents and general cleaning supplies.
  • Formaldehyde – Found in general household cleaners
  • Ammonia – Found in oven, glass and stainless steel cleaners.
  • 1,4-dioxane -Found in paints, varnishes and laundry detergent.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is great place to keep up to date on the latest cleaning products and their safety. A few products that are very popular, that are graded an F (Highest Concern: Potentially significant hazards to health or the environment or poor ingredient disclosure) include:

  • Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Simple Green Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner, Fresh Clean
  • Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner
  • Febreze Automatic Air Fresheners
  • Tide Ultra Powder Detergent
  • Windex Glass Wipes
  • Pledge Wipes Lemon

Pretty scary, right? Most of these substances are on the known carcinogens list for humans, and studies have proven they are even more dangerous to pets.

Safe Cleaning

Don’t worry, there are safe alternatives to use when cleaning your house.  I have a few suggestions for making sure your new Pomsky puppy stays safe.

First, Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and Heinz Distilled White Vinegar are great cleaning alternatives, in place of the products listed above.Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

These are the 2 most versatile cleaning products and they’re safe for your Pomsky! They can be used to clean counters to removing scents from carpets. If you can get over the stigma of using them for cleaning and you like saving money, viola!

When I buy commercial products, I always search EWG’s datatbase before I purchase any.

Some more A graded products by EWG include:

  • AspenClean All purpose Cleaner
  • The Honest Co. Honest 4 in 1 Laundry Pods, Free & Clear
  • CLR Calcium, Lime, Rust Cleaner
  • Aussan Natural floor cleaner concentrate
  • AspenClean Kitchen Cleaner
  • Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Mist

It’s important to think of the cleaning supplies as not just a Pomsky specific purchase, but one that will help the livelihood of your entire house.

Breeder Selection

Selecting a great breeder is the first, and most important, decision you will make in on your journey to Pomsky ownership.

There are already hundreds of basic “How to find the right dog breeder” articles that all give the same basic list of generic tips.

Not here.

I’m going to show you how modern technology can help you speed up the process and allow you to make the most informed decision.

Before we get started, quickly review this info-graphic.  It does a very good job at covering the breeder 101 ground.

Selecting dog breeder

Now that we have covered those bases, I’m going to show how technology has opened the door to new tactics and techniques and form the framework of a graduate level course on breeder selection.

Before we can even consider a breeder let’s hop on the internet and compile a list of breeders. A great place to start is searching on a Local Puppy Breeders, a website that has compiled the largest list of Dog breeders anywhere.


Lets do this!

CASE STUDY: The Modern Detective

Lets imagine you live in California. Select “California” in the drop down box and under breed, scroll down to “Pomsky”. This will show us all the breeders listed in the state of California.

If you live in Northern California I would also search the nearby states of Oregon and Nevada. This will ensure we have plenty of options to choose from.

Using the above example this would net us 6 breeders in California, 1 in Oregon and 0 in Nevada.

Note: we have developed an interactive map, that will give directions and distance to Pomsky breeders. I wanted to finish this article as if it didn’t exist (It’s below, and will make the search much easier!)

Interactive google map showing Pomsky Breeders for sale United States Let’s continue our example with our family living in Sacramento, CA.

We are left with:

  • Arctic Pomsky-6hour 40minutes
  • Running Spirit Kennels-2 hours
  • Acacia Pomskies-1 hour 15 minutes
  • Northern California Pomskies- 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Cen Cal Pomskies- 2 hour 40 minutes
  • Nor Cal Pups-1 hour
  • Northwest Pomsky(Oregon)-8 hours 45 minutes

This example is pretty unique. There aren’t many places you could be in the United States that have this many Pomsky breeders within 2 hours.

If you don’t live near any Pomsky breeders, there are more options before you buy a puppy sight unseen. Do you have trustworthy family or friends near a breeder that would be willing to check the facilities out for you? Could you plan a vacation or road-trip around a puppy? I’ve done it and it was quite memorable. My last resort would be to fly a puppy and if I did I would fly there to travel with them.

If it was my last resort and I had to fly a puppy without visiting the breeder, I would be asking for videos, face-timing, photos, references, Facebook and I’d use Google Street View. You can enter any address and Google will show you real images of the location. It also includes the date of the image and you can literally walk down the street in any city you wish! It’s an awesome tool for lots of things (thinking of moving to a new city?) but it’s something I would 100% use with a dog breeder.

Sacramento, CA Street View

An actual image via Google Street view in Sacramento, CA

Back to the example, lets assume staying within 3 hours is important to you, then we have 5 potential breeders. Now we head over to trusty Google’s search engine.

I googled “California Pomsky Breeders” to see if there are some breeders that we missed.

I clicked on the top hit and discovered 4 breeders we didn’t have yet (or so I thought). They are:

  • Ceb-Cal Pomskies- This is a misprint. It’s actually Cen-Cal Pomskies which is a duplicate from above. Cross them out.
  • Vaca Valley Pomskies- They are in Sacramento!
  • Pure Pomskies- Listed as Telure, CA but when I google the name of the breeder it shows Arizona. Cross them out.
  • TC Pomskies- This is actually a breeder in Arizona so we will cross them out.

Adding the 1 additional breeder to our list of 5, we have 6.

Next with our list of 6 breeders we will google “their names +review” or scam. One example would be “Cen-Cal Pomskies review”.

Who passed the initial inspection:

  1. Running Spirit Kennels
  2. Acacia Pomskies
  3. Northern California Pomskies
  4. Cen Cal Pomskies
  5. Vaca Valley Pomskies

I didn’t forget about Nor Cal Pups, but they did not pass the inspection. They are a dog broker. We don’t list dog broker’s on Pomsky Central, which explains why they didn’t show up. A broker sells dogs from breeders for profit, without much care for the livelihood of the puppies. According to the Humane Society, most puppies sold from puppy mills are sold online by brokers.  They want to sell as many dogs as possible to make a profit. Nor Cal Pups doesn’t have any Pomskies listed currently but I’m sure if they could get Pomskies to sell, they would. They are trying to remain as anonymous as possible and they link to a larger dog broker, Next Day Pets. They also offer financing!  This is a family member, not a piece of equipment! Lots of bad, bad signs.

Our list is now down to 5 breeders, but first lets examine some warning signs from that section.


How did I know Nor Cal Pups is a dog broker? They  have:

  • Multiple breeds of dogs for sale.
  • They don’t have a photo gallery with the parents or the litters.
  • The dogs for sale don’t list breeders, location or any pertinent information.
  • They don’t have an about us section.

Those are all key points a reputable dog breeder would address.

Although the actual breeders of our Case Study have checked out, here is an example of the google search for breeder not on our current list, but I came across in my own research: Apex Pomskies.

Now enter “Apex Pomskies review” into Google. Remember, use this method for all breeders you’re thinking of using.

The top hit is from which is a site where people can post complaints. Apex Pomskies

If you were considering Apex Pomskies, it would be a good idea to check the link and read the report to see what other people have said about their experience with the breeder.

Use this method for any breeders you are considering. Most won’t have any bad reviews, because most breeders are great.  But some will, and you’ll want to avoid any who look untrustworthy.

Now that you know what a red flag looks like, lets get back to our Sacramento Case Study.

Now with 5 left I will visit their websites AND Facebook pages.

The Tools of the Modern Detective

NOTE: Just because a breeder has a web page or Facebook page doesn’t mean they are credible, beware of people trying to con you. It’s extremely important to be persistent and visit a breeder prior to purchasing. I understand this can be tough given the situation where some people may live and where breeders are located.

A major advantage to checking a social media page is the element of interaction.

You can:

  • See how the owners interact with prospective clients
    • Do they respond in a timely manner?
    • Do they seem rude?
    • Do them come off as condescending?
  • Do they answer questions?
    • Is it all business or do they answer basic questions?
      • I like to see if they answer questions in a timely manner when they DON’T have a current litter. Most have no problem responding when they are trying to sell a litter.
  • Do they post updates throughout the litter?
    • Do they seem to care about the welfare of the litter?
    • More pictures will give us a better idea of the environment they’re living in.
  • What current owners have to say
    • Often times current owners will chime in with experience and photos of their pup.
    • The more owners that interact, the better.
      • If I had a bad experience with a breeder I surely wouldn’t be helping their social media presence.

PRO TIP: Everyone agrees that having references for breeders is very important. But some breeders won’t give them to you or some people feel awkward asking. In the era of the internet, have no fear.

I will share my template that will allow:

  • Contact with people that aren’t cherry picked references
  • Efficiency
  • Increased response rate

Use Facebook! You can privately message people that you see posting on the Breeder Page.

I can hear you, but everyone knows to look there! A lesser known trick I like to employ is to look through the timeline of the breeder. Almost all breeders post photos of prospective litters, so I will go back to previous’ litters and message people who seemed interested in the Pomskies. Now, they may not have purchased a dog, but chances are they will have feedback on the interaction or if they plan to use them in the future. Click on their name and see if they have a Pomsky on their Facebook page. If they do, I would message them with the following template:

“Hi there, I came across your name on XYZ Pomskies Facebook page.  I was thinking about purchasing a Pomsky from XYZ, what was your experience like? Thanks for your time.”

If I went to the user’s Facebook page and they didn’t have many photos or their account was private so I couldn’t see pictures, I might say,

“Hi there, I saw that you had inquired about a Pomsky from XYZ Pomskies. I was thinking of getting one, did you end up getting a Pomsky from them?” If they responded “yes” I would say “Thanks for your response, what was your experience like?”

These messages are highly efficient and effective. You can send out a dozen or so in a matter of minutes by copying and pasting the same template to each. When you’re talking about an average purchase price of $2,617 for a puppy that will soon be part of your family, I would do all the homework I could.

Key: keep the message short so that our response rate is reasonable. Getting someone to respond with a “yes” might not seem like progress but it’s building rapport and allows the conversation to continue. If you sent them an 8 sentence message, it’s too much work for most people to respond. So they won’t.

One very important thing to keep in mind, is that the administrator of the Facebook community or Fan Page can delete comments. So if someone leaves a comment saying that the breeder is a scammer, they would most likely delete it. But maybe, just maybe, before the person called XYZ a scammer, they posted on a litter update photo and XYZ Pomskies didn’t delete that comment. Now you’re in contact with the person who XYZ Pomskies would never want a prospective customer to be talking to!

Feeling like Sherlock Holmes yet? You should!

I hope you’re starting to see how being an internet sleuth can help us find information we may have missed and choose the correct breeder.

Once I’ve narrowed down the list to the top 3-4 breeders, I would then start with the nearest breeder and pick up the phone and CALL them.

I know that in this day and age, it’s easier to text or e-mail someone but I believe there is a lot of value in talking to the breeder over the phone.

If you’re wondering why I’m not driving to the nearest breeder yet, it’s because we want to select our breeder before we see the puppy. Seeing and holding a cute Pomsky can cause us to make an irrational decision.  Could you walk away from this?

2 Pomsky Puppies in a basket with pumpkins

Adorable Pomsky Puppies prepared for the Holidays! Photo Courtesy of Pet Pomsky

The objective of the call is to ask them a number of questions as well as get a feel for their overall attitude.

If they are genuine and helpful over the phone, there is a good chance that’s how they are in person. On the contrary, breeders that seem like they don’t have the time for you or are rude should be avoided.

The list of questions we will be asking the breeder will help gauge: How knowledgeable the breeder is and how willing are they are to take the time to help a prospective client.

This is a list of questions I would be asking a breeder. It’s a good sign if they are asking you questions as well.  Such as:

  • Have you owned a dog in the past?
  • How was your experience with the dog?
  • If you have any other pets?
  • Your work and house situation, etc.

Remember, these are their babies. They want to see them in the best home possible.

Use your best judgement but if you call and like the response the first breeder had, still pick up the phone and finish your list. If this is your first time calling a breeder, there is a good chance you won’t know what a good breeder sounds like.

Once you have all the info it will be time to make a decision and see the fruits of your labor pay off in the most gratifying way: A new member of your family.


Husky marked Pomsky Puppy heading home from Beach Pomsky in Florida

Are you my mother? Photo Courtesy of Beach Pomsky.


House Routines and Rules

It’s very important that ALL family members are on the same page about the care and behavior of the Pomsky prior to the purchase. Establishing a routine for your Pomsky puppy will be a the most important step to ensure a seamless transition in it’s most stressful time. They have just left their litter mates and will be part of your family pack.

Why do you need Puppy Rules?

It is a puppy and puppies need rules! Remember they aren’t humans and they are being brought into a human dominated world. By drawing up a set of house rules for your Pomsky, you’re letting them know what is, and is not, acceptable in your house.  To help them succeed in your household and feel the embrace of their family, rules will set the stage for lasting relationships throughout their lives. The key of routines and rules is: consistency.

Consistency is King

Here’s an example that happened in my home. We had a “no dogs on the bed rule”. Lo and behold, the puppy is too cute to not let on the bed so guess what? My significant other would allow the puppy in bed and that created a mixed message for him. They don’t understand there would be a different set of rules for different family members.

The puppy knows that they are allowed on that bed and those activities are exactly what leads to a poorly trained and misbehaved Pomsky, and an upset me.

You don’t need an unrealistic set of rules or a laundry list of things off limits, but decide what is important in your house and get the entire family to stick to it. And be honest with your expectations. If it’s 1 thing or 5, a household that isn’t consistent will fail and ultimately guess who gets the blame?  This cute little guy.


A cute Pomsky Puppy rolled over on the floor

I’m Sorrrrryyy…


House Rules for Humans

Did I catch you off guard? Puppies aren’t the only ones who should follow basic rules. Family members, especially children, must be clear on how to interact properly with the newest family member.

Children need to respect the space of a puppy. They, more than anyone, want to hold and cuddle a puppy, but they need to know they can’t be pulling on ears, tails or laying on the Pomsky. Do not hit or yell at the Pomsky. It doesn’t teach anything other than to be scared or hide said behavior from you. And as my example pointed out this isn’t just for children.


Potty Training

It’s the biggest elephant in the room for new fur families. I know you’re envisioning your Pomsky peeing on your favorite couch or pooping on your brand new carpeting. I did anyway.

And accidents will happen. I’d be lying if I said they didn’t. But with some careful consideration and planning, it will be far less painless than you may imagine.

Rule number 1 of Potty Training: If the puppy does anything, take them outside!

Here’s the list of critical times to go outside:

  • First thing is the morning, like when you actually wake up. Not after watching the news or browsing Facebook.
  • Right before bed.
  • After playing, if you just played tug of war…GO OUTSIDE!
  • After getting out of the crate, no matter what time.
  • Maybe your Pomsky was napping in his playpen, when they wake up…You guessed it!
  • After chewing on a bone or playing with a toy.
  • After eating (if they don’t finish all their food, still take it away).
  • After drinking.

Depending on the day you could go out 10 times. And it’s worth it. The more diligent you are the faster the idea will be conveyed that there is a spot to go potty outside the faster the idea of soiling your grandmother’s blanket can subside.

Crate Training

Remember that big crate you didn’t want to buy? That will be a valuable tool in shaping your Pomskies behavior. Dogs naturally avoid using the bathroom near their place of sleep and won’t eliminate near their crate if they can help it.  This tool uses dog’s natural instincts as a den animal to build a spot where they can be safe and sleep (while not chewing your house apart). The hope is that the crate will become the sanctuary for your puppy.

A few important things to note:

  • Don’t over use a crate.
  • It’s not to be used as a means of punishment.
  • Don’t leave a new puppy in the crate for more than 3 or 4 hours in one sitting.
  • Crating too much can lead to depression or anxiety.

To turn the crate into a sanctuary for your dog we need to make sure they always associate the crate with a positive experience. Laying a blanket and placing a few toys in the crate will help make the Pomsky feel comfortable. Start with short periods of time and slowly work your way up. A stuffed Kong is a great toy to distract a puppy in a crate and wear them out. The corner stone of crate training is consistency. Every time the Pomsky comes out of the crate, you go straight outside to go potty. If you need to grab your coffee before your walk, do that prior to letting the puppy out. Remember, we need to set them up for success.

Crating your dog in a busy area in the house will help them not feel left out.


Pomsky pup dalithepomsky on instagram eating kibble stainless steel bowl

Dali eats then she goes straight outside to go potty!

For about the first 6 months of their lives, puppies need to eat 3 times a day. Does that sound like more work than you can handle? Well, this can be more or less planned around your schedule. I fed my puppies at 7:00am, 12:00 noon and 5:30pm. After the first 6 months, you can switch to feeding twice a day, morning and evening. A set feeding schedule allows both us and our puppy to know what to expect and help a potty training schedule to gain traction and eventually stick.

Remember when I mentioned ALL family members?

I really mean it! Consistently sticking to the house rules is how your new Pomsky will know how to act. Pomskies aren’t like a human, you need to respond the same way to build confidence and expectations of you puppy.

This is why I believe, and a lot of people smarter than me agree, that obedience training should be encouraged or even mandatory.

This is a great article on how to find dog training classes and if you’re in a in a larger city a great way to find training classes is to use which is a localized review site. I use Yelp for restaurants to dry cleaners.

Spend a night a week for 10 weeks in class, and practice outside of class, and you will have a bond and understanding that goes as deep as it can.


I  have no doubt this is the most comprehensive guide to preparing for a Pomsky Puppy in existence. You have all the tools, tricks, techniques and information to be fully prepared for one of the most exciting times; a new fur baby! There won’t be any need to add the stress over the preparation.  They grow up so fast! I would appreciate and and all feedback and if you got value out of the content, make sure to share and like us on your favorite social media platform!

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  1. Yes! Super information. I am awaiting my little guy to arrive in 6 weeks. ALL of the information was provocative and helpful. Thanks!

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