Cody the Pomsky – Owner Andre Ling


March 20th, 2017

Pomsky of the Day:

Owner’s name:
Andre Ling

Melbourne, Australia

Cody, the original Pomsky/Huskeranian


How old is Cody?
He is old for a Pomsky, born January 10th, 2011!

What is his favorite dog toy?
His rubber ball

What is his favorite dog treat?
Just a simple bone!

What made you decide to get a Pomsky?
Cody was a part of a litter of 7. He was from an accidental litter back in January 2011. I never knew Pomskies existed but after I saw them. As Cody was the first Pomsky in Australia every recorded, I didn’t know what he was going to be like in terms of size and temperament, but decided that it would be exciting and challenging to witness the growth of a spectacular mix-breed that has no precedence.

What’s the funniest story you have about your Pomsky?
Cody is such a dog’s dog. When he was growing up with another older dog (Neo, an old and small Pomeranian that has passed on since), he would insist to share the pet bed with Neo, whom the bed belonged to. He didn’t care if Neo was annoyed at all, he would just jump onto the bed and try to cuddle up. It is funny to see Cody looking puzzledly at Neo, wondering why whenever he gets on the bed, Neo would get off and growls at him. Cody would then get off and wait for Neo to get back on and he will do it all again. It’s funny just watching it.

What makes your Pomsky so great?
He is a highly playful dog with love for other animals and people. He is your best friend when you pick up his favourite rubber ball and throw it out for him to fetch. He doesn’t give any trouble and he doesn’t bark unnecessarily. I am glad to see him grow and understand his mix-breed.

What’s one dog product you couldn’t live without?
Nutro Natural Choice dry dog food range. It is important to give my beloved dog the best natural food available. No point having a pet and feeding it junk. When you love your pet, they will love you back!

What’s your best advice for someone who’s considering getting a Pomsky?
Make sure it is from an ethical breeder. Never get from places that just want to make a quick buck by forced-breeding. If you are lucky to own one, you will be amazed by how intelligent they can be.


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