Meet Baseball Star Carlos Correa’s Pomsky!

Carlos Correa is one of the best young baseball prospects and is also the daddy of a beautiful Pomsky, Groot! His mom is 2016 Miss Texas and it’s safe to say he got both of their looks! Groot is named after Vin Diesel’s character from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Enough of the that though, lets get to the pictures:



According to Correa ”I’m not big into dogs, so I was like: `If we’re going to get a dog, we better get a dog that I like and that I’m in love with,”’ he said. ”A dog that looks really cute, almost like a teddy bear.” We think he made a great choice!


Shine bright like a diamond.



As the popularity of Pomskies increase, it’s not surprising to see them in high profile homes! Correa said it best “He’s going to be more famous than me.” To see more of Groot’s cuteness be sure to follow @daniellardzz or @teamcjcorrea

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