Pennie Layne the Pomsky – Owner Brandy Kidder


March 22nd, 2017

Pomsky of the Day:
Pennie Layne

Owner’s name:
Brandy Kidder

Goshen, Indiana

How old is Pennie Layne?
She’s a year and a half old, born November 12th, 2015!

What is her favorite dog toy?
The plastic squeakers in all of her stuffed toys, and LOVES playing ball!

What is her favorite dog treat?
I can’t think of anything she doesn’t like. Lol

What made you decide to get a Pomsky?
My husband and I saw pictures of pomskys and I fell in love right away. We looked into it, made a couple of calls and we’re told we would have to be on a waiting list. We were called the week of Valentines Day asking if we wanted her, and she was my Valentines gift!!

What’s the funniest story you have about your Pomsky?
One night before bedtime, my husband let Pennie and our other pups outside one more time for the night. I was sitting in bed already reading my book. Our dogs know how to open our kitchen door, so they all come running in to the bedroom. Just that quick, Pennie jumps up on my lap and drops a dead rabbit on my lap!!! Needless to say, it was total chaos for a couple seconds there! My husband takes the rabbit and goes for the kitchen, and there Pennie goes, proud as can be trying to get her rabbit back from Dad. She strutted around a day or two over that!!!

What makes your Pomsky so great?
She is extremely energetic and loving! Every night we come home from work, she brings us one of her toys and talks to us!! She loves attention and keeps our older dogs on their toes! When she gets ready for bed, she will come up to my husband and I both and put her forehead onto ours. I think that’s her way of saying she loves us!

What’s one dog product you couldn’t live without?
Kong chew toys. She needs to keep herself busy, especially while we are gone. The Kong chews keep her occupied.

What’s your best advice for someone who’s considering getting a Pomsky?
Be sure you are prepared for a pup who wants a lot of attention. Also, have a great grooming brush, because you are going to need one!

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