Exclusive Interview: Puppy Bowl XIII Star Alexander Hamilpup!

Alexande Hamilpup smiling on grass

I’m so happy to had the honor to talk to one of the most famous and creative Pomskies around. None other than Puppy Bowl XIII star Alexander Hamilpup. Big thanks to Florida Small Dog Rescue and to Hamilpup’s mom, Lauren Elizabeth. We have been searching high and low on different pet finder interfaces and couldn’t find a Pomsky for adoption. I’m going to go out on a limb and say if he’s not the first adopted Pomsky, he’s the most famous!

Pomksy Central: First and foremost, thanks for agreeing to come on and do any interview with us! How did you get your name?

Alexander Hamilpup: My foster family had three teenagers that all attend a performing arts high school, and they are theater fans to the extreme.  So, most of the pups there wind up with theater names – and my foster mom said she had been saving the name Alexander Hamilpup for a special pup – and that happened to be me!  She says I remind her of Lin in Act One with all my facial expressions and youthful exuberation and intensity.  One of my foster brothers was named Odom, for Leslie Odom, Jr.

PC: Where were you born and how did you end up at a rescue?

AH: I was born in a puppy mill in Missouri.  I managed to wind up at an auction for puppy stores to buy puppies, but the distributor closed, and I was stuck in a warehouse until the USDA could clear all the dogs, and then we were all sent out to various rescues.  I was one of a group of pups that was saved by Florida Little Dog Rescue.

Alexander Hamilpup Puppy Bowl XIII Puppy Mill

Me and Puppy Bowl XIII puplete, Hiro in the puppy mill warehouse before being rescued.

PC: Do you have any siblings?

AH: I do, but I don’t know them, a sad reality of being born in a puppy mill.

PC: What can you tell us about life before being rescued by Florida Little Dog Rescue?

AH: Before being rescued I lived in a puppy mill in Missouri, in a small cage with a wire floor, suspended from the ceiling with other cages full of dogs below me, in a big huge warehouse type place.  It was not pleasant, but I try not to think about it much, as life is so much better now.  But hey – that is where “puppy store” puppies come from, so I really hope people start adopting more and not buying dogs at pet stores because that would stop other pups from having to go through what I did.  Can you believe some dogs have to spend their whole lives there?Stuffed animal and rescue Pomsky Alexander Hamilpup foster home

PC: How long were you fostered?

AH: I was fostered for about 3 months before I found my forever family.  I was very scared at first, and needed to learn how to be a “dog”, and the other foster pups really helped with that.

PC: How did your family find you?

AH: My mom lost a friend at Pulse, a nightclub in Orlando where many people were killed in 2016. She had a big hole in her heart and was sad all the time. Sven’s parents thought looking at adoptable puppies would cheer her up. When my mom saw me, she said my smile washed away all the sadness. Sven’s parents were right and as they say, the rest is history.

Alexander Hamilpups first grass experience from Puppy Mill

Model pose?

PC: What is your favorite thing about your foster family?

AH: I liked the snuggles and cuddles, my two legged foster siblings would snuggle me and do homework, or just listen to Hamilton.  I had never been held before getting there – beyond being shuffled from cage to cage – oh and the GRASS! I got to learn what grass was, and that was pretty awesome!!



Puppy Bowl Star Alexander hamilton enjoys fetch

The star of Puppy Bowl XIII practicing!

PC: Favorite sports team? (besides Team Fluff!)

AH: Orlando Pride (Women’s Soccer League)

Florida Little Dog rescue Puppy Bowl XIII contestants Nikita and Alexander Hamilpup

PC: Favorite spot to sleep?

AH: Sleep? Who needs sleep! But when my mom goes to bed, I cuddle right next to her because she gives me bedtime belly rubs.

PC: Naughtiest thing you’ve allegedly done?

AH: One time, I was the first responder to a “poo-pocalypse” in the house. That case file is still open. Any tips can be sent to my twitter handle @AHamilpup

PC: Who are your best fur friend?

AH: Winston! He has a back yard that we wrestle in or. Or Sven, because he has a mountain of toys we excavate.

Pomsky Rescue Alexander Hamilpup Orlando florida

Sven and I sat still long enough for 1 photo (not pictured: Sven’s toy mountain)

PC: I think I saw you today on a plane?! Where is your adoption family located?

AH: That must have been my doppelganger at large. I live in downtown Orlando. I’m the king in my fur-ever home where mom and dad are here to spoil me rotten with treats, toys, and all their attention. The rest of my family lives in Chicago or Italy and they come visit often!  Like right now, my cousin Wilbur is visiting from Chicago. He smells like a dog, and barks like a dog, but looks like a chew toy. This is another unsolved mystery.

Alexander Hamilton cuddles cousin Winston

My cousin Wilbur and I napping.


PC: What are a few other things that people not know about you?

AH: I speak Italian and English. I’m currently working on the fur-dalist papers promoting the ratification of school budgets to include arts education.

Let us know if you need anything else! Ciao 🙂

We LOVE that Animal Planet features ONLY rescue and shelter puppies in Puppy Bowl, promoting adoption! The best part: all of our players have signed long-term contracts with family franchises of their own and are adopted!

Some great news from Florida Little Dog Rescue

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