Red Rock Ranch

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  1. Buyer beware! We bought a puppy from Red Rock who we are told would be appropriate for our special needs toddler, which was why we went to what we thought was a reputable breeder. When she arrived, she was growling and snapping with with no interest in human interaction, only interested in food and was only interested in playing alone. They claimed that she was not this way when she left but I do not believe that. We suspect she was either neglected or treated poorly, as they claimed to follow the antiquated methods of Cesar Milan who is known for inappropriate use of negative reinforcement. After working with her for a week with only positive reinforcement, she did not improve and bit our son, growling at me any time I tried to touch her toys or move her from the kitchen. Our vet told us that, with her temperament, we would need to hire a specialist to be sure she didn’t become a danger and that a temperament this bad was very rare at her age. We ultimately sent her back for half of the cost we incurred and they immediately disabled reviews from Facebook and blocked me before we received the refund hours after it was promised. Not only that but they charged a hundred dollars more than the actual shipping both ways than it actually cost. They retained hundreds of dollars in our deposit and extra shipping cost on top of incurring no fees, while our son lost his chance at having a puppy due to their negligence at best and disingenuous advertising at worst. If you are looking to guarantee a puppy with a good disposition, look elsewhere!

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