Stryker the Pomsky: Owner Claire Nicholson


Pomsky of the Day:

Owner’s name:
Claire Nicholson

Leeds, England


How old is Stryker?
He will be one on March 24th!

What is his favorite dog toy?
Fluffy Teddies

What is his favorite dog treat?
Homemade potato and coconut biscuits

What made you decide to get a Pomsky?
I wanted a dog and couldn’t find a breed that fit with my family. My mum heard about Pomskies and rang to tell me. I did months of research, went on a waiting list and finally chose my boy!

What’s the funniest story you have about your Pomsky?
Stryker was having his mad 5 minutes while i was sitting on the corner sofa. I caught his eye at one point and knew he was going to jump at me…I ducked and wondered where he had gone. I glanced behind me to see his tail disappearing behind the sofa! He was stuck there until I could move the sofa!

What makes your Pomsky so great?
He is so lovable and has a brilliant personality. He fit in right away and loves my children. He is really protective of my 19 month old boy and doesn’t let other dogs near him. It makes me proud to see him protect my son.

What’s one dog product you couldn’t live without?
An undercoat rake-he needs it to make his fur look lovely and not scruffy.

What’s your best advice for someone who’s considering getting a Pomsky?
Do your research as they can get bigger than you expect. Getting professional training is helpful as they have strong personalities. They shed a lot so it’s important to consider if you like a perfectly clean house.

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