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For our latest Pomsky Profile we caught up social media starlets, The Pomsky Sisters. Seriously, they carry more stardom than the Kardashians and they won’t divorce you! I hope you enjoy my interview with their mummy Jessica and learn how she went from never planning to get a dog to 4 Pomskies in less than a year and a half!

What are their names and ages?

Our eldest is Pearl who is 15 months, Leila and Skye are both 6 months and Cookie is 4 months.

How would you break down the description of their personalities?

Pearl is definitely the mummy of the group, she keeps an eye on the girls although she can be the instigator of the play fights at times.

Leila is an old lady at heart, loves to play but on her terms as she likes her own space, she is a big foodie and will be the first one to come see you if she thinks you have food! She also has the loud bark and will always tell you when we have visitors!

Skye is a mummys girl and is the shy one of the pack, she can be a little more reserved when meeting new people and dogs especially when on her own. When out with the girls though she always wants to be up at the front.

Cookie is the baby of the family, having only been with us just under 2 weeks she is still settling in and finding her place in the pack. She has made a best friend in Skye and spends most of her naps cuddled up with her. Cookie is the howler of the group and sings away to you throughout the day.

Did you intend to always get 4 Pomskies? Any plans for more?!

In all honesty I was never planning on getting a dog. From being a young age I always wanted a bi-eyed husky, however with having 2 young children and both myself and my husband working it wasn’t something we had thought would happen. We found a house out in the countryside that we then bought and I handed my notice in at work to spend more time concentrating on my husbands business and the children so we then started researching dog breeds, knowing that a husky would probably be too big and require too much exercise what with having young children. It was during our research that we came across Pomskies which fit all our ideals in a dog.

Never say never! I’m not ruling out any more puppies. However, I think I’m ok for now!

*Since I first emailed with Jessica, this has changed as they are now breeding under the name Prestige Pomskies !!

How did you learn about the Pomsky?

Through lots of research online initially. I had my heart set on a husky but we didn’t feel a husky was right for our family at the time due to its needs so we started looking into husky crossbreeds and came across Pomskies.

What’s it like having that many Pomskies?

Its fantastic. The girls love each other to bits and our children absolutely adore the girls.

Are they all from the same breeder/litter?

All of our girls are from the same breeder, and are all relations to each other but none are from the same litter.

How long did you research breeders before you got your first one?

We spent some time looking into breeders and researching the breed, at least a year or slightly more. As we wanted to be sure that a Pomsky was right for us and for bringing up around the children.

Any advice for people thinking of getting a Pomsky?

Make sure you do your homework into breeders and ensure that they health test the parents. Also be aware that not all Pomskies are small. We know Pomskies that measure up to 20 inches, so be prepared for that when you look at buying one.

What’s some behavioral things that seem very Pomsky-ish to you?

A lot of the Pomskies  I have met, and my girls as well are excellent landscape gardeners, they also are super food orientated which makes training easy. They’re also full of expressions, be it howling, sighing or even the funny little looks they give you when they want something.

Pomsky Sisters Training

What are their favorite activities/games and toys?

Pearl loves her Nina Otteson game as it gives her a great mental workout. The younger girls love their Kongs especially with a bit of peanut butter or ham inside!

One dog product you can’t live without?

A rake! With having the 4 dogs we do get a fair amount of fur everywhere. The rake is a godsend when it comes to them blowing their coats!

How often do you groom them?

I brush the girls every other day, mainly to get the puppies used to being handled and groomed. When Pearl blows her coat I can brush her up to twice a day.

Pomsky fur after grooming

Favorite place for them to sleep?

The girls have an understairs room which they share, although we are in the process of decorating a bedroom upstairs for them all to go in to give them a bit more room.


If your today’s self could tell your old self anything before you got your Pomskies, what would it be?

That Pomskies are addictive!


Let us know what you think!

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