Zero the Pomsky! Owner Alyssia Slade


March 6th, 2017

Pomsky of the Day:

Owner’s name:
Alyssia Slade

Hungerford, England


Zero the Pomsky

How old is Zero?
He was born June 19th, 2015. So, almost 2 years old!

What is his favorite dog toy?
He loves his squeaky chicken

What is his favorite dog treat?
Anything that comes out of a rustling bag, or anything bacon flavored

What made you decide to get a Pomsky?
We had just bought a house and had a little money left over and thought a dog would be the perfect addition to our new home. Ever since my partner and I met we had gushed over pictures of beautiful Pomskys, and years of research but no luck in finding a local breeder. That was until we met Joanne (Humphreys Pomskys) at a dog show earlier last year, which is a story in itself. We were watching my mum in the ring of a fun dog show and this lady (Joanne) stopped in front of me with the most beautiful wolf looking dog with gorgeous amber eyes, but a smaller size than a Husky. I knew then it was a Pomsky but I asked and she confirmed my suspicions and we carried on talking the rest of her time in the ring, and in the end she announced she was a breeder and gave me her card! The whole rest of the show I was so excited, I just felt like the universe had put me and Joanne together on that day! We put ourselves on the waiting list shortly after and she had a litter come up just as we were completing on the house. As soon as we met Zero we fell in love, his gorgeous markings and his bi eyes are what initially drew us in, but upon meeting him he licked and nibbled my ear and I knew right then he was the dog for me. The day we picked him up was one of the best (and scariest) days of my life, as soon as we got in the car to drive away I cried because I couldn’t believe how lucky I was! Still now when I sit and look at my beautiful boy I thank the stars for bringing him to me.

What’s the funniest story you have about your Pomsky?
The funniest thing (and probably the naughtiest thing) that Zero does is he talks back to you when you are telling him off. He’s so vocal and you can’t help but giggle. If you tell him no he vocalises back at you and wags his tail like butter wouldn’t melt, it’s so difficult to be firm with him when he does that, all I want to do is cuddle him and laugh.

What makes your Pomsky so great?
He’s really funny, which helps because he can be a handful, just as I am getting cross with him he knows how to do something to make me laugh, which helps me calm back down and get him back on track. Other than that he loves giving kisses, which is the best thing to wake up to.

What’s one dog product you couldn’t live without?
We bought a Halti style head collar, only for when walking him along main roads, or when he can’t be let off for a run. However we live a five minute walk from a common so he gets a good run off lead every day! Before we were suffering with him pulling a lot, and it meant that I couldn’t enjoy taking him out. Ever since using this he walks beautifully and we both get enjoyment out of the walks.

What’s your best advice for someone who’s considering getting a Pomsky?
Researching the breed, and breeders is SO important. We had done years of research before we were lucky enough to not only find a local breeder, but also a breeder we really felt we could trust to do the best for their dogs and the puppies! I know it’s hard not to just fall in love when there are puppy pictures floating around but you need to be objective and make sure that both you and the breeder are doing the best you can for the dog!

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